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Our clinic is devoted to providing the best in acupuncture and Chinese medical treatment to the Boulder community, and beyond. Our mission is to work closely with you the patient to help you achieve maximum health and balance in your life through a holistic, natural and safe approach that meets your personal health care needs. In addressing the health issues you may have, we will explore on an individual basis the various Chinese medicine techniques, such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary therapy, moxibustion, cupping, guasha and lifestyle coaching, etc; to not only heal your immediate problem, but more importantly, to restore the natural harmony and balance of your body, so that the treatments, either acupuncture or herbs, would address the root issues that keep your body sound and healthy in a long run, rather than be just symptomatic and “skin-deep”.

Proven to be one of the most effective, safe and successful health care services in human history, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been practiced more than 2, 000 years in China, and later on widely accepted as an efficient alternative treatment in western countries. The fundamental principle upon which acupuncture and the Chinese herbal medicine are based is: there is an energy or “life force”, unseen yet vital, in all the forms of life, which then regulates the functions of body. The ancient Chinese called this energy, “Qi”, to describe it. Under normal circumstances, i.e. when the body is healthy, Qi flows freely along the channels or meridians, which in turn results in harmony and balance for the body. However, when people get sick, this indicates a deficiency, blockage or imbalance, of Qi in their bodies. Thus, the Chinese medicine treats patients from a holistic perspective by stimulating, unblocking and regulating Qi, through the use of acupuncture or herbs, to restore their inner balance of Qi.

In parallel with the western medicine’s approach, acupuncture and the Chinese herbal medicine play a growing role in the modern medical health care industry thanks to their efficiency, safety and no-side-effect. Acupuncture and the Chinese herbal medicine may also be referred to by the general public as “Alternative Medicine”, “Complementary Medicine” and “Natural Healing”.

Well trained in one of the most prestigious acupuncture schools and hospital in China and practiced acupuncture and herbs more than 20 years, our practitioner, when treating a patient, uses the authentic methods and procedures that originate from the genuine Chinese medical training, emphasizing the holistic analysis of physical, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle aspect. In addition to our attention to internal medicine from a Chinese medical approach, we also specialize in pain management, and woman’s health.

Our practitioner, Julie Jiayu Zhang, L.Ac,  is a preferred acupuncture provider in Boulder for United Health Care.

Come see us at our pleasant offices in Boulder, we have been practicing in Boulder Colorado area for over 15 years, and are conveniently located at: 3405 Penrose Place, Suite 204. Boulder, CO 80301 Call 303-931-8294